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Coaching Structure

Beaumaris SC is continuing the focus on player development on and off the field and the committee have supported this dedication with a revised coaching structure in 2016.

Director of Football experienced in the development of the Australian and International game
Four experienced and accredited Head Coaches providing close technical, tactical and development support
Head of Female Development focused exclusively on our junior girls from under 12 to senior women with key objectives to meet FFA development of juniors, inspire transition from youth to senior football in our new Young Reserves program and ensure participation and success in the Senior Women squad.

Head of Youth Development focused exclusively on game and core skill development from under 14 boys with key objectives to meet FFA development on par with NPL, inspire a transition from youth to senior football in our new Young Reserves program and ensure opportunities for under 16's to achieve senior reserve training and game time with direct communication weekly with the Senior Men's coaching staff.

Head of Junior Development focused exclusively on skill acquisition and core skill development, gameplay and structure build up to ensure players are educated in the FFA National Curriculum to maximise the opportunity to advance.  Key objectives to ensure confidence on the ball, education in gameplay and structure and preparation for advanced development in a fun and enthusiastic environment.  Whilst under 11's participate in 9-a-side football, the Head of Junior Development will support the important transition into 11-a-side through the season.

Head of Sub-Junior Development focused exclusively on core skill development, team play and participation with enjoyment and success in confidence-building on and off the ball.  Key objectives will be in participation, opportunity, enjoyment and development of the key aspects of football in order to provide stability to advance to the next age group physically and socially.  Goal kick will remain a fun and enjoyable introduction to football.

Beaumaris take our responsibility very seriously and have the perfect experience to balance advanced development with enjoyable participation.  Our policy will identify players for multiple teams allowing confident development of lesser experienced and greater opportunity for more advanced players based on ability not necessarily age.

All coaches at Beaumaris Soccer Club are accredited and have Working with Children checks.

If you are interested in joining our coaching team please email Tony Tsiakos, 

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