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Proudly sponsored by
bc dental


There is one business based in North Concourse, Beaumaris, focussed on providing happy and healthy smiles to their community in Bayside. 
Caron Dixon, the practice manager at bcdental has been a long time supporter and ‘ influencer’ of community activity in Bayside and has worked closely with the Club across most recently engaging with Beaumaris Secondary College and their Twilight Festival.
So in 2023 it’s great to have bcdental backing the club again! 
This year they’re providing financial support in 2023 with a focus on the girls U15 squad. Caron commented on the importance of sport in young women’s’ lives and how bc were very pleased to be part of the soccer community again this year!
Many thanks to Caron, and everyone at bcdental……. Your support is much appreciated!’

Head to their website to find out more:
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