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Shiver 2022

Shiver Football 2022

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Following our recent trials, we are pleased to offer your child a place in the new Beaumaris SC development program called SHIVER football. Please note that places are limited & your prompt acceptance will be necessary.

The SHIVER football program is designed for fast-tracking, talented Junior footballers to help them become the best version of themselves in their footballing journey.

  • We believe that challenging young footballers with high intensity and thought-provoking exercises will help them in their decision-making under pressure within a game environment.

  • Whilst SHIVER football is a learning environment we also believe that football must be fun and rewarding to achieve the best results.

Development sessions will run every Friday at Beaumaris College during the season commencing Friday 29th April, with specific age group times & details as follows:


  • Under 10’s & Under 11’s – 5.0pm to 6.0pm

  • Under 12’s & Under 13’s – 6.15pm to 7.15pm

  • Under 14’s & Under 15’s – 7.30pm to 8.30pm


The program will develop a player’s tactical awareness and decision-making through game-related scenarios. To assist player development these game-related scenarios are broken down into four main moments. 


  1. BP - Ball possession

  2. BPO - Ball possession opponent

  3. BP to BPO - Transition between BP and BPO (when you lose the ball)

  4. BPO to BP - Transition between BPO and BP (when you win the ball from the opposition)

Participants will learn from the specialist sessions so they to focus on developing their game knowledge in one particular main moment. The course focuses on the Skill Acquisition Phase, with the focus being on developing a player’s technical ability. 
To best achieve this, a player’s technical development has been broken down in 4 'core' game skills:

  1. First Touch - receiving a pass.

  2. Striking the Ball - passing and finishing.

  3. Running with the Ball - changing direction and running at speed.

  4. 1v1 - deception and defending.


Any questions should be directed to


We are excited to launch the new & important program & we look forward to seeing you at the development sessions.

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