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Returning to Training Update

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Your Committee has been actively preparing for the resumption of football activities and following the Premier's media conference, we met yesterday evening (virtually) to discuss how the Club will proceed. We are encouraged by the easing of lockdown restrictions announced today.

We spoke yesterday with Bayside Council and the MCC Foundation who provide our facilities to understand what these changes mean, how football can be resumed and the rules all Beauy players and coaches must follow when we start.

It is clear that Council will only act on the advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer and the Department of Health and Human Services and Council representatives said that they need more specific information from them than we have at this time to be able to allow access to the Reserve and answer all of your questions regarding training. We also need to obtain advice from Football Victoria and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) on the framework for our training and competitions. FV specifically needs to approve return to training so we can be clear that existing insurance arrangements are in place.

In particular, we need to understand:

Although groups of up to 10 will now be able to meet in parks, reserves and beaches socially no organised football training can be made available until our facilities are released to us by MCC and Bayside Council and we also have definitive guidelines from both Bayside Council and Football Victoria. These are expected shortly and we will update all members via the BSC website and social media. So stay connected to be informed. You can see links to the social media pages at the top of this email.

We encourage Zoom/Teams/Webex meetings to ensure participation and camaraderie for all at a time when it is difficult for us to socialise. Our Committee meets via Zoom as there is no need to gather together until we are assured it is safe to do so.

We encourage coaches and team managers to use any one of these various communication methods to reconnect with players and parents. Some of our teams have already reconnected for training using video with players demonstrating 3 skills - a pass, a trap and a dribble. Others have downloaded Strava to connect with their teammates to set training challenges to help motivate each other.

Can anyone beat the current Beauy Soccer Club Records of a

18 min 42 sec 5km run

42min 10km run

1 hour 32 min half marathon (21.2kms)

We encourage all players to commence or continue your fitness training so you’re ready. Focus on building your strength, speed, and stamina – go running, cycling or stretch as exercise. Focus on skills & conditioning that you can do in the yard or at the park. You’ll feel better and you’ll be ready for game time.

The coming weeks will be a great opportunity for parents to assist in getting kids playing again and socialising with their mates. For example, if you’re able to help your team’s coach to ensure that children maintain social distancing, making sure children sanitise and leave promptly after the training session, or just to get to know your fellow team mums and dads better.

Your club and your community will be stronger as a result. And don’t forget that we can look after our referees better when football returns. Are you sure you understand the offside rule? If not take a look here

And if you do know the rule how would you go at being an assistant referee.

Think you’re ready to show your coach you’re new-found skills? Then practice these.

And we especially ask you to support our Beauy sponsors in whatever way you can. Our local businesses have never needed our support more than they do today. Our sponsors are all on our website so pop down to Bocconcinos to get your Friday/Saturday pizza or grab your coffee and a pastry at Casa Dolce, and get into Beaumaris IGA on the Concourse. Mention the Club when you order!

We’re all learning at this time so if you have suggestions or can volunteer or assist your club in any way possible please let us know by messaging via social media or email:

We all love our kids, we love our game too, so let’s get ready to do all we can to bring back the mateship we’ve all missed these past few months.

Go Beauy!


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