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How to use the Gameday app

Please find information on how to use the Gameday app ahead of the 2024 season.

To find your team’s players:


  • Sign into Game Day Passport

  • Click on Competitions

  • Click on Match Results

  • You should see your game for this weekend – you may need to adjust the dates (top right) to get it to show up.

  • Click on Pre-game.

  • On the left hand side you will see the list of all the registrations at the club.

  • Scroll through to find your players.

  • Click on the + sign and they will move over to your team sheet. You only need to do this for the first game, after that you will be able to Autoselect players each week and all the players who have played a game for the team will show up on the team sheet

  • You can add the coach and the Team Manager in the team official section if they are registered with FV.


When completing the match team sheet please note the following:


  • The Goalkeeper field is not compulsory

  • The captain field is not compulsory

  • The player position fields are not compulsory

  • You do not need to list the starting players and subs

  • By all means, if you have the info when completing the team sheet put it in but don’t stress if you don’t have it.

  • The only field that must be completed is the shirt numbers.

  • When completing the match results, all that is required is the final score.

  • Half time score and goal scorers are not required but you can enter this info if you want to.


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