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Latest Pavilion Update

Parents, players, coaches, AGCs everyone in the Beauy family

We are delighted to confirm Bayside City council has approved the planning application for a new sports pavilion to replace “the shed” along with extensive landscaping to ensure the site is enhanced and improved. We thank you all for your 150+ submissions in support of this application at a time when the community needs togetherness and a true sense of belonging. To Chloe, Zoe and Lucy who spoke so eloquently in November 2019 at Council this is your time, this is for you and all like you.

To the 5 persons who objected to the planning application we have reached out to you to consult, and as Council noted this is the 5th design for the site to ensure minimal impact. We trust that you will reflect on the words of Cllrs Martin, Evans, del Porto, Heffernan and Grinter and see it in your heart to support our local women and girls in sport.

We are happy to work with you, please work with us. Together we are stronger

David Richards



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