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Cancellation of the 2020 Football Season

Dear players, parents, sponsors, coaches and volunteers,

It is with genuine sadness and regret that your Committee has decided to call an end to the

2020 season.

With time running out for any competition to resume and the deteriorating health

environment evidenced by the imposition of Stage 3 lockdown measures by the State

Government, we have decided that we must provide all the Beauy soccer family certainty as

to the immediate future.

Volunteers have worked hard to ensure social distancing and hygiene standards are

adhered to in the resumption of training in June, but it is clear that the requirements for

lockdown offer very little chance of meaningful competition resuming in the 2020 winter

season. We are hopeful that our planned spring and summer junior soccer activities at the

MCC Academy facilities at Beaumaris Secondary College will resume and we will advise all

members as soon as possible if this is viable.

We know many of you were looking forward to the resumption of normal sport with the all

advantages of being together that it brings. We are conscious of the value team sports

contributes to the mental and physical well-being of players and families and so this is not a

decision we make lightly. We would love nothing else than to continue playing our beloved

sport but we are not willing to compromise the safety and health of our members during this

difficult time.

We must also provide certainty to all families and with a deteriorating health environment

causing the cancellation of all senior football competition in the state, and no proposal yet

by Football Victoria for alternative options for junior football, we have decided to put a line

through 2020 and focus on being ready for 2021. Our Reserve is a Council facility with a

tenancy restricted to the winter period and, to date, Bayside Council have offered no

indication that they will extend our tenancy into the spring.

What is the situation for refunds of 2020 subscriptions?

Many of you will appreciate that most of our expenditures are incurred prior to and at the

beginning of the season – Football Victoria registrations, insurances, kit and equipment.

These monies are no longer held by BSC. We thank all those who have requested that their

2020 membership funds be transferred to 2021. We ask you to please refrain from directly

requesting a refund at this stage and wait for the official notification from the club on how we intend doing this.

We still await advice from Football Victoria as to the proportion of all fees paid that they are

to retain and if/how/when they will issue any refunds to clubs. We must determine what this

is before we can commence making refunds and are now focused on:

  • Establishing a refund process

  • Determining what funds paid to FV will be refunded to BSC, and the amount of the original membership fee that can, as a result, be available for refund

  • Determining any ongoing costs BSC is committed to and must provide contingency for

Once these matters are resolved we will advise clear instructions on how to apply for a

refund for those seeking one.

On behalf of your Committee, my sincere thanks for your support, your understanding and

your patience. It has been an extraordinary year and we hope that we can resume some

level of normality in the coming months. Until then stay safe. We will be back playing again.

Yours, in football

Joe Mottola


Beaumaris Soccer Club


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