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Blog 12: Our man in Qatar!

“Without VAR it would have been a very different story. But we have VAR now, and this is football.” So said Argentinian striker Lautaro Martínez after their shock defeat to the Saudis. And so for the best player of his generation - will he ever win a World Cup?

Or have we seen the next Pele, the youngest goal scorer at a World Cup since the great man himself, announce himself on the world stage. At 18 Gavi has multiple World Cups to look forward to, Lionel has potentially 2 games to go.

Fact: Canada have had 50 shots without scoring in the four World Cups games they have played. With 2 matches to go they need to find the answer.

And the big Q everyone is asking. Will the Germans play their 1000th World Cup game in Qatar?

Their 2-1 defeat by Japan was the 995th game (third only to England and Sweden). Germany have now lost 3 of their past 4 World Cup games and with Spain to play next, I don’t think so!


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