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Pavilion Achieved!

We have been campaigning for 11 years to have a pavilion suitable for all members in particular female-friendly facilities. Despite the many who have tried to stop us there is no stopping us now. After Council approving the pavilion build in August 2020, a local person referred the matter to VCAT complaining that the planning process had been flawed due to lack of consultation and that the community had been “bullied into accepting the pavilion design.” The appeal was thrown out by VCAT as it was demonstrably not the case that this had occurred and so the project proceeds.

All Beauy players and parents will have a beautifully designed pavilion ready to welcome the Women’s World Cup to Australia.

Here are some images of the design:

We thank the many residents in our community, our club members, Council officers and the 5 (of 7) local Councillors who supported the Club’s ambitions recognising that, as Bayside’s most successful soccer club on the field, our off-field facilities were lacking in every way. Well done to everyone who has worked hard to bring this change about.

The build will progress through 2021 and we expect the new pavilion to be ready before year end in time for the 2022 season. We will be using temporary accommodation facilities in the meantime.

Our best is yet to come.

Go Beauy!

David Richards



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