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We've got two key roles available

Our registration process will be opening soon as many parents are seeking to lock in places for their children in 2023 following the completion of our new pavilion and the success of the club in competition during the 2022 season.

These roles are for people who want to make a difference for their children and for their community typically taking less than a few hours a week from late January to the end of August to be done successfully. Your club can only succeed with the support of those who volunteer their time, expertise and assistance.

If these roles don’t suit you but you can make a contribution in other ways, please let us know and we can discuss your ideas.

Club Secretary

A voluntary Committee role overseeing the club’s administration. The role requires good communication and organisation skills and utilisation of spreadsheets. The role requires 2-3 hours per week and attendance at 10 Committee sessions (remote or f2f per annum).

The key tasks are:

  1. Prime responsibility for liaison with Football Victoria (FV) including dissemination of any FV information to Committee and Coaches

  2. Organising the registration of all players and teams with FV and liaising with coaches and team managers on player allocations

  3. BSC Coaches and Team Managers organisation ensuring all contact details are maintained

  4. Club Open and Information Days including distribution of operational instructions to Team Managers prior to the start of the season

  5. Organise Team Photography event

  6. Organise pack up of club equipment and kit at season end

Facilities Manager

This role supports the Committee in ensuring that all team matches, and training sessions are completed and agreed with the Junior and Senior Directors of Football. The role requires good organisation skills to ensure all available ground facilities are utilised and aligned to the availability of coaches.

The role is voluntary requiring approximately 4 hours per week from January to April and 2 hours per week from May to August. The role reports to the Club Secretary.

Key tasks include:

  1. Compiling and publishing the pre-season and competitive season training schedules

  2. Ensuring all teams are entered into the appropriate age and gender competitions and publishing training and match day schedules.

  3. Ensuring all BSC kit is available and allocated to Team Managers

  4. Check draft fixture for competitive season to identify clashes and applying to FV for required amendments

  5. Compiling weekly fixture list for publication each Friday via club newsletter to coaches, team managers and parents.

  6. Responding to parent and manager email enquiries.

These roles are focused on the BSC family, and our community.

We’d love to have you help us Make A Difference.

Joe Mottola - President - 0425 800 736

Marc Gibson - Sponsorships - 0421 054 891

Heather Kristiannson - Committee - 0433 125 106


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