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U7s Kick Off!

You know when the season is imminent when the U7 training or ‘having fun’ programme gets underway. Last Sunday, after an abortive start in late February, the juggernaut that is the U7 squad got under way at Cheltenham Park (0900 if you’re interested)

Under the guidance of temporary Age G

roup Co-Ordinator Maxine Thomson, the parents and excitable youngsters poured down the hill from Park Rd onto the front oval.

No self respecting U7 stands around waiting for advice or guidance from Director of Junior Football, Tony Tsiakos, they just wanted to get on with it! As tired parents, including former Beauy Seniors Captain and current O35 player, Ross Isles, stood around clutching their coffee, the boys and girls of the Beauy 2021 U7 squad started kicking, passing, dribbling and heading……. all at once!

What a morning and this is only the start.

Everyone is looking forward to Saturday mornings at the Reserve after Easter and then heading down to the Concourse to see Kaan and his team at the Casa Dolce cafe, who are sponsoring the squad in 2021. Many thanks to the Omerogullari family for their support again in 2021 .


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