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Support those who support us!

With our competition season on hold and it’s completion in the balance, it is important that we all stay safe and look out for one another.

Our club sponsors have provided significant support throughout the 2021 season and the majority also in 2020. Please do you utmost to support them during these times of trading restrictions.

There is a wide range of business offerings available from our sponsors.

Day to day, whether it is a coffee from Casa Dolce, lunch at Mordy Charcoal and Grill, getting a dental check (when possible) at bcdental, pizza from Bocconcino’s, or buying some Chobani products from IGA Beaumaris, all will help our club supporters.

Why not take some time in lockdown to consider a new staircase from S&A Stairs, a renovation designed by Tony Vella at Rachcoff Vella, or start a review of your home loan with Rob Tracey at Bendigo Bank in Parkdale. Get a review of your life and general insurance with Miguel Frances at PNO, and if you are having a clear-out and have stuff for storage head to Michael Webb at Wilson Storage on Bay Rd.

Of course, Libby Miller at Porsche Centre Brighton is always available and has been able to help a number of members during 2021, whilst if you are in the market for a commercial kitchen( watch for the new fit-out in the 2022 club room) get in touch with Terry Randall at FSM.

Legal advice is available from Matt Campbell at RBK Legal!

Full details of all our sponsors on the club website!


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