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Support our Referees

We all know that without referees we wouldn’t have a game. Beauy is considering a programme to introduce young men and women to refereeing as part of the broader Football Victoria (FV) referee recruitment and education programme. If you would like to participate in the programme you can register your interest directly at FV who are actively seeking to recruit and develop people for the role.

Last year the number of new referees increased by 19% as growth in participation in both boys and girls sport increases demand. Our new Beaumaris SC referees include Will Miller who started playing with our U9s and is now part of our U15s who wants to develop a better understanding of the rules of the game. Not only does Will get to enjoy the game he loves. After completing his referee course, he is now paid to do so which is very handy for a young bloke seeking part time work.

Referee training will be scheduled by BSC at the Beaumaris Reserve if we have interest on volunteers like Will to learn at no cost to you. If you wish to participate let your Team Manager know or contact me and we’ll get it sorted.

It’s worth emphasising that there aren’t enough referees provided by FV for every junior game. Consequently, parents will be asked to volunteer if no referee is available. If there is no volunteer to referee then, as per FV rules, the club must forfeit the game as the teams cannot play. This is a situation we all want to avoid so please consider taking a referee training course, either at the club or via

Of course, part of showing support for referees is showing them the respect they deserve, and we encourage all spectators to enjoy the game in a safe and positive environment by following the FV Code of Conduct. Anyone who sees abuse of match officials should report it to a BSC club official and we will address the incident as this behaviour will not be tolerated.

David Richards Vice President Beaumaris Soccer Club


M: 0408 447 227


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