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ST1 Senior Womens - Mentone SC Friendly Match Report

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Sunday saw the first friendly game of the 2021 season for Beaumaris Senior Women with a run-out against local rivals Mentone Soccer Club (the club formally known as Old Mentonians) who will be playing in State League 3 this season. In the past games between us have been hard-fought affairs so this was expected to be a difficult introduction to the season.

Coach Danielle Tracey chose a squad of 18 who was a combination of established players from previous years, 5 players making their debuts in the yellow and blue plus two Under 17’s who we expect to be involved in the Senior group through the season.

In the heat of a summer morning, it was agreed that the game is split into three sessions of 25 minutes to allow drinks breaks, a bit of tactical analysis and wholescale changes to the 11 on the pitch.

Beaumaris started the 1st 25-minute sessions strongly and had the bulk of possession and forwards pressure which delivered the first goal around the 5-minute mark to Yana Kyparisis who had recently returned from the UK and two weeks quarantine in Sydney.

Not long after Yana got her second goal to cap off a nice move with a crisp finish. Beauy were using the width of the pitch well, generally controlling the midfield and making the pressure tell. Towards the end of the first session captain for the day Natasha Bonanno got her season off the mark from another flowing move and the session ended with Beaumaris 3-0 to the good.

The second session was similar to the first with Beauy having most of the ball and being able to get behind the Mentone defence quite regularly. Lots of chances ensued but the Mentone goalkeeper was in great form and despite all the pressure she could not be beaten.

In the final 25 minutes, Danielle had sent the players out with the intent to keep possession and play a more passing focussed game. The back four saw a lot more of the ball and knocked it around well, bringing the midfield into play who used the wide players to great effect but the Mentone goalkeeper continued her fine form to keep us out.

So the game came to a close with a fairly comfortable win 3-0. The new players all showed how they can add to the group and the two Under 17’s fully played their part (and Lucy Allison was unlucky not to score).

The new players were Lisa Aliotta, Charlene Leung, Claire Stuart, Georgia Kiers, and Taylor James. We would like to wish them and the rest of the group a successful 2021 season with us!


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