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Return to Play - BSC Update - 27/05/2020

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

To the Beauy family,

As you will be reading & hearing community sport is gearing up for a return – great news!

Beauy is working towards the recommencement of small outdoor group training from June 1 2020 subject to implementing new rules being determined by Bayside Council (Beaumaris Reserve and Balcombe Park) and the MCC Foundation/ State Government (Beaumaris College). There are 4 elements

Both Council and the MCC Foundation are positive and we expect announcements from both later this week. As you would expect a return to training comes with a new set of protocols for all teams specifically the appointment of:

  • COVID Safety Officer – to manage social distancing for parents and players, training and game day registration.

  • Equipment hygiene manager – to ensure the sanitization of balls & shared equipment before & after each session.

BSC intends these roles to be filled by volunteers for each team using a parent roster unless one adult is prepared to take on the role for the remainder of the season.

We are sure that you are all as excited as we are about a return to training and playing in what will now be a shortened season. However, if your circumstances have changed over the Covid-19 period & you have difficulties making a commitment to continue, please advise by return email so we can consider the implications. This may include a team being withdrawn should players or coaches not wish to continue in these changed circumstances. Football Victoria have confirmed BSC must reaffirm team entries for season 2020 by Monday 8 June and that any team withdrawing from competition will NOT have their participation fees refunded.

Ground Access & Tenancy

As part of the process to activate our tenancy for Return to Training (RTT) for 20 players or less must follow the protocols determined by Council and Government. Our adherence to these protocols will be enforced and access is provided only if we can manage these protocols effectively. To do so means taking the following actions

BSC Club COVID Safety Officer Appointment

Gert Gratz has been appointed as the BSC COVID-19 Safety Officer to work with each team’s CoVID safety officer to ensure consistent application of health protocols. Please email if you have any questions on these.

Notification of Small Group Training Guidelines & Protocols

The following protocols for Small Group Training (up to 20 people) apply from June 1:

  • Teams must strictly adhere to the maximum of 20 participants per group (not including Coach or a minimum number of support staff)

  • Groups of 20 must not mix with each other and must remain distant, participants are not allowed to swap between groups.

  • Strictly no physical contact between players can occur (i.e. no tackling, no heading, no celebrations etc).

  • Social distancing of 2 arms lengths between individuals must be maintained.

  • It is a requirement that Players "get in, train, get out". If a parent or caregiver is present then they are to remain outside the boundary line and observe social distancing. Only one parent or caregiver per team should be present at training.

  • No access to club rooms or wet areas can occur, other than the public toilets.

  • Footballs can be used for small outdoor group training with limited additional equipment

  • A register of all participants in attendance at each training session MUST be maintained and available upon request by either Football Victoria, Bayside Council or health authorities. Participants will be ticked off the register upon arrival.

Notification of Hygiene Protocols for a Return to Small Outdoor Group Training

We advise all members

  • If you or anybody you have been in contact with are sick, DO NOT attend small outdoor group training. Please advise the BSC COVID Safety Officer of your details and team.

  • You should be tested for COVID-19 if you develop fever or respiratory symptoms

  • A staggered training schedule will apply

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitisers will be available for all team training sessions, with players encouraged to use prior, during, and following training.

  • No sharing of personal items such as water bottles. All items labeled and kept separate.

  • No spitting, high fives, handshakes, or unnecessary physical contact.

  • Changerooms and club rooms will not be available. Players to arrive at the training venue in football gear and must shower at home.

  • Club equipment will be wiped clean with alcohol-based sanitiser prior to and after small outdoor group training sessions. The Club will provide the sanitiser.

We encourage all members to download the COVIDSafe App created by the Australian Department of Health available on AppStore and Google Play Store.


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