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Annual General Meeting & President's Report

BEAUMARIS SOCCER CLUB ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Monday 21 November 2022, commencing 6.00pm Venue: Beaumaris Sports Pavilion, Reserve Road, Beaumaris AGENDA 1.0 Apologies – Joe Mottola President (alternate David Richards Vice President) and Jessica Gratz Secretary (alternate Marc Gibson Sponsorship Director) 2.0 Minutes of previous AGM 3.0 Annual Reports: 3.1 Presidents Report 3.2 Treasurer and Audit Report 4.0 Election of Officers and General Committee members 4.1 President. Vice President. Treasurer. Club Secretary. Senior Male Football Director. Senior Female Football Director. Junior Director of Football. Events Director. Facilities (Grounds and Fixtures) Director. Sponsorship Director. Grants Director. Registrations Officer. 5.0 Acceptance of 2023 BSC Strategic Plan and Club Policies 6.0 2022 Lifetime Members Election 7.0 Public Q&A 8.0 2023 Committee Meeting Dates – 3rd Monday of the month @7pm 9.0 Close

President's Report 2022

Beaumaris Soccer Club was formed in 1975 with 2 men’s teams. Forward 47 years we have 42 teams, of which 8 are dedicated to females, a true mark of our journey toward equal gender representation. 2022 proved to be a game changer for the club with the long-awaited arrival of our magnificent Beaumaris Reserve Pavilion. For our members and committee, the journey of lobbying and working with Council, State and Federal MPs proved its worth and our dream of providing a facility fit for purpose was finally realised. We thank all involved who contributed to its build and our members who all contributed via the pavilion levy fund over several years which is used to fund the equipment and fittings that Council cannot contribute to. The accomplishment involved all our committee with Dave Richards leading the way. Well done to all! The space offers contemporary facilities to the highest of standards. From the change rooms decorated in our blue and yellow club colours, to the impressive dining room and kitchen, the physio room and storage rooms the pavilion will benefit all in our community. It features solar panels, north facing windows to maximise use of natural light for heating during the winter months, sensor lighting and the inclusion of water tanks to utilise storm water for toilets. We thank all at Bayside City Council for their work to produce such a wonderful facility that was enhanced with the wonderful mural created by indigenous artist Stan Yarramunua depicting the journey of our volunteers to bring this facility to our community. We certainly have a place we can be proud to call home. We wasted no time in utilising the facility holding countless functions and social events including a luncheon for Ukrainian refugees, a function that has led to 36 bicycles being donated to refugees and one lady gaining a role with our principal sponsor Genius Childcare. Our Shark Of The Month is now a regular event and Presentation Day and Night also on the Calendar. Impromptu celebrations have featured in the dining room along with gatherings of all sorts- coach’s meetings, Club AGM tonight and Pizza nights a regular event. Without our partnership with the MCC Foundation we would not be able to enjoy the wonderful FIFA Grade One facility at the Beaumaris Secondary College. This facility is critical to our pre-season training, Shiver summer school program and hosts many competition matches. Our relationship with the MCC goes back to 2011 when the redevelopment of the school was first mooted, and its value was demonstrated throughout the pandemic when Council Reserves were unavailable to use. My thanks to facility manager Scott West, CEO Stuart Fox, Executive Manager Mark Anderson, Club Sport Manager Haydn Parsons and Venue Manager Natalie Morgan for all they do to make the facility first class for our players and parents. In 2023 we will be able to use the canteen and on occasion the function room for club social events. I want to thank all our sponsors, without whom the club would not have survived through the pandemic lockdowns, for their support. We work hard for our sponsors to ensure there is mutual benefit and recognition for all they contribute. Just as community sporting clubs are at the heart of community well-being, local businesses make our community stronger. My thanks to all the following businesses, most who have been partners for many years, for their very welcome contribution. We ask you to support them as they support us:

  • Oliver Silk & Eliza Forrest, Genius Childcare

  • Libby Miller & Pike Peters, Porsche Centre Brighton

  • Rob Tracey & Anna Worsnop Bendigo Community Bank, Parkdale

  • Miguel Frances, PNO Life Beaumaris

  • Michael Chatszitrifonos, McCees Transport

  • Kane Bygrave, Aurora Logistics

  • Kaan Omeragullari, Casa Dolce, Beaumaris Concourse

  • Brendan Schroder IGA Local, Beaumaris Concourse

  • Tony Vella, Rachoff Vella Architects Cremorne

  • Sam Karroum Bocconcinos Parkdale

  • Tony Lei A&T

  • Ivan Cook, Chobani

  • Terry Randall, FSM (Food Service Machinery)

  • Andrew Jones, JJ Carpets Beaumaris

  • Caron Dixon BC Dental Beaumaris Concourse

  • Craig Cordukes JS Aluminium

  • Brett Cleland Wilson Storage Cheltenham

  • Con and Kerry Batikas Mordy Charcoal & Grill

  • Last but by no means least Brooksy & Alan Didak of Multigroup Logistics

On the Pitch 2022 was super successful year with the highlight being our Senior Men finishing on top of State League One, taking us into the National Premier League 3 (NPL 3). My thanks to coaches David Gibson, Billy, Didier, team managers Ross McLean and Matteo Zappala for achieving an historic first for the club on a very limited budget, testament to the quality of their coaching, recruitment and leadership on and off the park.Our success has created huge interest in new memberships at all ages has been immense. Our Senior Women’s Teams also enjoyed success with Pete Allison’s State League 4 finishing Champions and State League 5 gaining promotion. Other great results were the Masters (over 35s) winning their League led by Eric Kinlon, our Metro SE4 winning Promotion led by super coach Jimmy Tracey. Credit also to Lucy Allison and Amber Cook’s Girls U12s wining the League on the last game of the season and to all our junior teams who did the blue and yellow proud in 2022. As we look ahead to next season we welcome some new recruits to the club, our new Director of Junior Football Christian Liberona. Christian has been involved at Beaumaris since 2018 and has been coaching since 2008 at National Premier League junior level with Bentleigh Greens and as Head Coach with Football Star Academy and Future Football. Christian has managed numerous successful junior development and holiday programs at Beaumaris in the past. We’re excited about Christian being part of our Junior Boys structure and have no doubt we will see some success in the junior boy’s ranks. I’m delighted to welcome Melbourne City FC stars Rhianna ‘Mini’ Pollicina and Holly McNamara to Beaumaris to support the growth and development of our Senior Women’s and Junior Girls’ program. I thank NZ international star Rebekah Stott for her playing such an important role in the success of our female football program. As we look ahead to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023, we wish Stotty well as she prepares for the highest competition in our game. Look out for the events we’ll be hosting to bring the beautiful game to you next season. Our Volunteers I sincerely thank Maxine Thomson for her decades of dedicated service to the club. Maxine has relocated to her native New Zealand, but the great news is she’ll be doing some work remotely for us. A collective sigh of appreciation from us all as she will continue to work with us to ensure the registration process is efficient for all. Thanks also to Jessica Gratz for her amazing contribution also as club Secretary but no doubt will return soon. Thanks also to Will Richards and Yana Kyparisis who manage all our digital communications and have created a website and social media capability that supports members and sponsors. If you haven’t already subscribed to our newsletter which keeps all informed of coming events and key dates, please do so using this link My special thanks to our wonderful committee who worked in trying circumstances this season, given the work around preparing the new pavilion.

  • Vice President Dave Richards,

  • Treasurer Ben Tansing,

  • Events Director Gert Gratz,

  • Grants Director Heather Kristiannsen.

  • Senior Football Director Bruce Maclaren,

  • Sponsorship Manager Marc Gibson,

  • Senior Female Football Director George Johnson,

  • Junior Female Director Pete Allison,

Our committee are all incredible volunteers who do an outstanding job year in, year out. If you want to join us to make the club stronger, please contact me, you’re assured of a warm welcome and a rewarding role in making our club, your club, the best in Bayside. Go Beauy! Joe Mottola President Beaumaris Soccer Club E: M: 0425 800736


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