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New Pavilion Design - We need your support!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

At last! Council have confirmed that the new sports pavilion design is with their Planning department for consideration. The design is sympathetic to the environment and includes specific requirements relating to mid-century modern architecture as the pavilion is located in the precinct which has a planning restriction overlay. This concept has been 2 years in the making and the request for a new pavilion to meet the needs of female and junior players some 11 years in the making.

With the excellent news that the Women’s World Cup is coming to Australia in 2023 with teams based in Melbourne we request your active support of this development so that our local community can at last have facilities that are fit for purpose.

We need you to contact Bayside Planning to express in your own words why this pavilion is so necessary, how it will benefit the physical and mental well-being of families in our community, and how we must proceed with the build to be ready for the 2022 season so that our boys and girls, our daughters, sisters and mothers can use a pavilion with change rooms and a social function room our 600+ playing members deserve.

Please contact:

Specifically we need you to express your support for the removal of tree #46 in Planning Application reference 114/2020 which is necessary to allow the new pavilion to be built.

This is a very old ti-tree situated outside the public toilet of the existing pavilion. Its removal will be compensated by extensive new planting of indigenous plants and trees around the new pavilion. Details of the Planning Application (114/2020) can be found here.

Your Committee has worked tirelessly to make this much needed facility happen. We now need you to urge our representatives to give their support to making this change a reality by emailing each of the above with your support by 21 July 2020.

Go Beauy!


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