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Members AGM - Key Infomation

If you are interested in joining the AGM meeting to send a request to and the invitation will follow upon request. Please have these in by Monday, 26th October 1pm at the latest.

AGM Agenda: Monday 26 October 2019 commencing 7.00pm


  • 1.0 Attendance and apologies

  • 2.0 Minutes of previous AGM

  • 3.0 Annual Reports;

  • 3.1 Presidents Report

  • 3.2 Treasurers Report

  • 4.0 Elections

    • 4.1 Existing Directors:

President; Vice President; Treasurer; Secretary

Senior Football Director; Senior Women’s Football Director

Junior Female Football Director; Junior Director of Football

Events Director; Social Media and Website Director,

Grounds and Fixture Director

Sponsorship Director

Grants Director

Junior Registrations Director: Senior Registrations Director

  • 5.0 Questions & General Discussion

  • 6.0 Next Committee Meeting

  • 7.0 Close


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