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Help support your club: We're looking for a Club Secretary

We're looking for a volunteer to take on the Secretary role at BSC in 2024.

The position would involve approx. 2 hours per week, mainly from home, with monitoring of emails and circulation , plus organising and attendance at Committee meetings, note taking and minute preparation and distribution.

Contact Marc Gibson for more details 0421 054 891 /

Please see PD below.

A club secretary performs the secretarial and administrative duties of a club. This could be for a sports club, official social group or other similar organisations. They often work closely with the club's chair and its committee members or officers. They provide administrative support to ensure the club's operations proceed smoothly. This can entail arranging meetings, taking minutes and distributing key documents like agendas. Their role also includes ensuring everyone implements what was agreed at meetings.

The secretary may maintain the club's documentation, including membership details and fees. They often act as an initial point of contact for prospective members and the general public. In many cases, they're the keeper of the club's governing documents and oversee the selection of its leaders. Other duties can involve organising various activities.

What does a club secretary do? The answer to 'What does a club secretary do?' is that they typically act as points of contact, oversee the running of a club, organise meetings, maintain records and produce and distribute materials.

Acting as a point of contact Since many clubs are part-time commitments for their members, it's useful to have a point of contact for everyone. This is often a key role of the club secretary, who can answer questions from members or others, pass on messages, manage correspondences and inform people of upcoming meetings or events. If members of the public are considering membership and want to speak to someone at the club, they typically initially contact the secretary. The secretary then answers their questions or refers them to the right person for specific information.

Organising committee meetings Clubs often hold committee meetings where members can discuss matters relating to the club. As the key point of contact, the club secretary may schedule and organise these meetings. They reach out to the members and various decision-making officials to determine the right time and date for the meeting and then inform everyone of the proceedings. They arrange the meeting venue, produce and distribute the agendas, record minutes and send out materials. Maintaining records A club usually maintains records of its various members, including information including their names, contact details, how long they've been part of the group, their fees, other obligations and the type of membership they have. The club secretary may be responsible for creating, maintaining and updating these records in conjunction with any administration volunteer. They perform these tasks when a new person joins, an existing member renews their membership, when someone leaves and when associates change their commitments to the club. These records can also include details of volunteers and others who work at the club but aren't members.

Producing and distributing materials Clubs often have materials that provide guidance and information for their members, including leaflets, booklets and club handbooks, all of which is distributed via electronic platforms and social media. The secretary may be tasked with liaison with the Club website and social media representative to ensure correct distribution to members.

As the club secretary is typically present at meetings and makes records of decisions, they're often responsible for updating information They also over see communications that inform members about upcoming events and meetings.

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