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Goalkick Kicks Off!

The best day of the year at BSC took place last weekend with the first morning of the 2022 Goalkick programme.

The programme caters to children under 6 and are looking for an introduction into football. The youngest player was 4, and all 82 players accompanied by parents, grandparents and siblings started arriving at 0815 for the 0900 big kick-offs!

DOF, Tony Tsiakos had been at the ground since just after dawn setting out the 8 colour coded pitches, whilst your committee were on hand setting up registration, new shirts handed over, and each player a new football, with their name neatly handwritten on it!

The sun was out, and after an uplifting address from the Prez, the players set to work.

Safe to say, their initial game plans and adherence to any training drills will require work, but they stuck at it, with games in the Aqua team drifting into the Green team and Yellow into Red…… it was a rainbow morning.

As 1000 ticked round the aroma of Gert’s sausage sizzle was too much, a flood of kids and parents rushed the BBQ….. suffice to make it give up the ghost at the end of the morning!

Players from our Mens and Womens State League squads and older junior team were there to coach and clean up afterwards, and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

The best thing is…… we do it all again next week! Come down at 0900 next Sunday and have a look!


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