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Genius Childcare re-commits for 2023!

Oliver Silk, Manager Sales and Marketing at Genius Childcare has confirmed that the business is keen to continue their support for Beaumaris Soccer Club in 2023.

In discussions with VP, David Richards, Oliver commented that the business had been pleased with the relationship in 2022, and in particular the Club’s willingness to involve the business in numerous Club activities.

We are discussing with Genius how we can best work together in 2023, and there is more to follow in that regard.

In the meantime, please consider Genius when you are looking at early learning facilities with their locations at Beaumaris, Sandringham and Cheltenham.

Find out more:

We can't wait to continue our partnership with Genius Childcare and look forward to working together throughout the upcoming season. We thank the entire team for all their support of our Club.


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