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David Gibson re-signs for 2023

Beaumaris SC is pleased to announce that David Gibson has re-signed as the Senior Men’s Head Coach ahead of the 2023 season.

Following an outstanding season in 2022, Gibbo led the team to promotion, becoming the first coach at the Club to take a team to the National Premier League.

Speaking on his re-appointment, David Gibson said: “I’m excited to continue building on the progress that we made last season and the success we had in achieving promotion to the NPL. The Club and myself are completely aligned on the direction we are taking, which is about continual progress and I can’t wait to see that eventuate in 2023.”

Head of Football, Bruce Maclaren said: “The Committee of Beaumaris Soccer Club are delighted to announce the re-appointment of Senior Coach David Gibson for 2023. Gibbo is someone we have known for many years at the Club, he’s done an enormous amount for the Club and we are delighted with the success we had together last season which has earned him the right to continue on as Head Coach in 2023 and hopefully well into the future.”

Congratulations, Gibbo! We look forward to watching the team in action this season!


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