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Building a Gender Equal Pavilion - Latest Update

We thank all our members and also the many others in our community who provided submissions to Council and emails of support to the new pavilion planning application. Over 150 such emails were sent, a superb effort, and with only 5 objections to the planning application, it was approved by 5 votes to 2.

We thank those Councillors who supported the application and we are disappointed that it was not a unanimous vote given the extensive community consultation Council have made over the last 3 years. This was the 5th design iteration made by Council following feedback from Beaumaris Modern and Beaumaris Conservation, and that followed the previous Council proposal for a combined sports/arts community “hub” which was 2 years in discussion.

We now move on to making the new pavilion a reality. A reality for our girls and women members whose needs have too often been overlooked and whose contribution is too often undervalued. This project is a vote in favour of gender equality and fairness. A vote against it is a denial of those rights. We ask all in our community to work with us to achieve a facility that will be ready for the start of the 2022 season and one that we can all be proud of.

To ensure we play our part in shaping the new environment BSC has formed a new sub-committee to focus on the landscaping and planting for the new facility. We want to work with Council and with all interested parties to ensure the best possible flora and fauna outcomes for our community, and that their ongoing care is managed to ensure success. If you have an interest in conservation, knowledge of our bird and plant life or just an interest in making our environment better we would welcome your nomination for this important initiative which will be chaired by club president Joe Mottola

Please send your contact details with a short explanation of why you are interested and what you can contribute to:

Go Beauy!


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