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BSC Injury Reporting Form

Our Injury Reporting Form is now available! It can be found under the 'Club Info' tab on our website, 'Injuries and Insurance'.

Beaumaris Soccer Club has a duty of care to respond appropriately in the case of an injury/illness/emergency to mitigate the risk of loss, damage, or liability. As BSC volunteers are not medical experts and so all injuries should be referred to a medical expert for diagnosis and treatment.

An Injury Reporting Form allows for details of the injury to be recorded (including environmental, field conditions, etc) which enables BSC to identify possible causes of injuries, e.g. inadequate ground maintenance. BSC will then be well-equipped to develop and implement injury prevention strategies to decrease the number and the severity of injuries occurring: Please note that Injury Reporting Form is for recording the incidence of an injury and should take 5 minutes to complete.


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