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Blog 9: The Kingdom of Shocks

Souttar sends a long diagonal ball, Leckie brings down deftly, skips past Hernandez and sends a teasing cross that fizzed across the face of goal for Goodwin to smash into the roof of the net.

Then Duke shoots and just misses. Oh boy! I’m watching the Kingdom of Australia in a bigger shock than the Kingdom of Saudi’s defeat of the Argies. This is what dreams are made of…then I woke up.

We were well beaten, nowhere near as close as we were to France 4 years ago when beaten 2-1 who then went on to win it. With gold badges, gold stars and gold number it seems to me Les Bleus could be lining themselves up for a fall. Just wished we could have tripped them on the way….

FIFA rank the Kingdom @51st in the world, one below Qatar, and they were playing a team unbeaten in 36 matches and the Copa América champions. Lionel Messi, Di Maria and but the Argies were undone by a team that worked harder, pressed higher and showed no respect for the supposed gods of football. Their coach Hervé Renard, the former Cambridge United manager, deserves credit for his tactics which troubled the Argies from the start. The Green Falcons scored 2 well-taken goals, not by Mo Salah but by Saleh and Salem. Maybe a bigger shock than the USA beating England in 1950, or North Korea beating Italy in 1966? Well, we were here to see this one. No-one should thing the falcons are easy beats now.


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