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Blog 8: Our man in Qatar!

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Which means….what a day for Wales! Boyo

FACT: There are 4.2m registered soccer players in the United States. The Welsh (Cymru) total population is 3.2m.

FACT: There is only one nation smaller than Wales playing in Qatar and that is….Qatar.

FIFA stated their goal of staging the tournament in Qatar was to “grow the game.” Logically we should expect the 2034 World Cup final to be in…Cardiff! Fat chance!

OK, so it was Gareth Bale who scored the penalty to equalise vs USA (their first goal at a World Cup for 64 years!) but it was 6’ 5” striker Keiffer Moore who changed the game. 10 years ago Moore was playing for Paignton Saints in South Devon League 2. From there to non-league Truro, then to Billericay Town, which is the home of Billericay Dickie

Then on to Dorchester Town, Yeovil Town, Viking (in Norway), Forest Green Rovers before turning professional to play for Ipswich Town, then Rotherham, Barnsley, Wigan, Cardiff and now Bournemouth. And he leads the line for Cymru. Who says football is not where dreams are made? The boy has gone from playing for teams that are not as good as Beauy to the world stage. Sam Regan, there’s hope yet!

And if you’re enjoying seeing how Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob Delaney’s introduction to Welsh football develop’ s in Welcome to Wrexham you’ll love this And this for our senior coach David Gibson

Oh, one more thing. FIFA is unhappy with how long the ball is “in-play” (on average 57 minutes in a 90minute game). So it is adding injury time for all stoppages which is why England v Iran had 27 extra minutes and the Dutch v Senegal game an extra 20 minutes time added on. Looks like games could last for well over two hours so set your clocks accordingly.


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