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Blog 3: The Beauy blog... from Qatar!

Well, I guess $$ can’t buy everything.

Certainly not a win in the opening for the host nation. I still can’t see why Ecuador’s first goal was ruled at for offside. Was the infantile one controlling VAR? Who knows but justice was done in the end even though we should have seen the first ever hattrick scored in the first half of an opening World Cup game!

The opening ceremony was a yawn - I did like Caspar the ghost, the hundred lightsabres and the Gap Band’s Oops Upside Your Head making a comeback from 1979.

The big news though is not about how VAR cancelled what was a perfect goal from Enner Valencia but what will happen in the next game. Will England players be allowed to wear their One Love armbands and ‘take the knee’ before playing Iran? I’ve never seen 11 players sent off at the same time!

Other big news – the beer ban is taking its effect. Many Ecuadorean fans walked out of the Ecuador v Qatar game at half time seemingly to get a beer…and never came back! Looking forward to see how many Aussies make it to the first free kick!


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