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Bike Donations

Hi members,

You will have seen the post made recently about the reception given to 70 families at the Beauy pavilion on 24 July all of who are very recent refugees from the war in Ukraine.

Our sponsor Genius Childcare is looking to assist families by offering places at the ELCs in Melbourne for children under 5. For older children and their parents we are asking all members if you have a bicycle that you are no longer using that is in a reasonable state of repair that you would be willing to donate. Many of us have a bike in our shed or garage which is gathering dust and this is one practical way we can assist families get out and about as spring approaches. If you can help please bring your bike to the pavilion or call:

Treasurer Ben Tansing 0439 246068

Vice President Dave Richards 0408 447727

We have donated 5 bikes to date and need another 33 of all sizes to ensure everyone can ride free. Helmets and bike locks are also welcome

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