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Beauy Announces New Concussion Policy

Following receipt of expert medical advice, Beauy is implementing a new concussion policy that means children from U7s until U12s will not be practicing heading in training.

After research last October by the University of Glasgow showed that former professional football players are 3.5 times more likely to die of brain disease; and specifically five times more likely to die of Alzheimer’s, four times more likely to die of motor neuron disease and twice as likely to die of Parkinson’s, BSC has decided to decrease children’s overall exposure to headers. 

Vice President Dave Richards said “we decided to take age-appropriate coaching guidance as heading in younger children’s matches is a very rare occurrence. Our priority is to educate coaches and parents to avoid repetitive heading sessions in training.’

Brain injury charity Headway welcomed the proposed changes. “We are encouraged to hear the restriction in heading allowed by young players,” said chief executive Peter McCabe. “This is a positive, common-sense approach to take as it will not prohibit young people participating in the game or impact their enjoyment.”

Check out the new policy and what it means by heading to the bottom of our info page here.


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