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Beaumaris Sports Pavilion Update! 10.12.19

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

After a crisis committee meeting on Monday (18th) learning that without a notice a motion will be held on the next day’s Council Meeting to put a Heritage overlay over the Beaumaris Reserve precinct which includes the Arts Centre, the Tennis Centre and the Soccer Pavilion.

Our new pavilion and our Club’s future was at risk.

The Committee got in action and organised on the shortest notice members to speak at the Council Meeting to prevent a Heritage overlay on the Soccer Pavilion and THEY DID IT!!

Tuesday’s (19th)  night’s Council meeting turned out to be a marathon affair.

Speaking on behalf of the soccer club were Vice President Dave Richards, President Joe Mottola, committee members Suzana Zambassi and Marc Gibson. From the playing side we also had Nicole Cook, Lucy and Zoe Allison and Chloe Johnson (the last 3 being junior players). Representing parents we had Sarah Allison and Silke Davis who have junior girls (and boys) at the club and a powerful letter from Michelle Team Manager of the Sapphires.

All of our speakers focussed on a few points.

1. The building is wholly unfit for purpose but especially disadvantages female players.

2. Council had already approved the redevelopment.

3. The building has no architectural merit and does not deserve even consideration for heritage listing.

4. By delaying and possibly stopping redevelopment councillors will be held responsible by our 600 active members plus their parents, grandparents, siblings and children.

The message was powerfully put - especially impactful were Zoe, Lucy and Chloe in their uniforms explaining how this will impact them. So much so in fact that council amended the motion to specifically exclude the pavilion from the overlay study and continue with detailed plans for the new building.

The camaraderie amongst the club members who attended is what sets us apart and the fact that we will be able to continue to build on the success of the future by enticing more female football players with fantastic facilities is testament to the hard work you all have put in.

All in all was a great result. Thank you again to everyone who attended on such short notice. You did us all proud.

The future is bright once again for the YELLOW & BLUE!!

But we should not get complacent now and definitely stay alert.

To hear our members and daughters speak. Click here.

Sarah starts at 2:05:53 with Lucy and Zoe to follow - Chloe was at 2:41:50

Having secured the build of a new soccer pavilion at last Tuesday's Council meeting your Committee are now working on the detailed planning.

We appreciate the contribution and expertise of Junior coach Tony Vella and Vets player Terry Randall to the design and specification.

Our aim is to have the new pavilion ready for season 2021. But we need your support to achieve that. Please contact local councillors Clarke Martin (Mayor) and Laurie Evans as only they can ensure it is delivered on time.   

Remember our girls and women deserve better. None of us are equal until all of us are equal. We are One!

We will not be denied equality, dignity and fairness. We are the future. We will never fade away.

This is her story, Make it history!


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