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Bayside Elections - Important Voter Information

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

To all BSC members and supporters

If you are not a registered voter in Bayside please ignore this bulletin and forgive the intrusion.

For those that are you should by now have received your ballot papers for the Council Ward in which you are domiciled. BSC has always chosen to avoid local politics but the potential ramifications of this Council election to our club’s future are so significant that we believe all members and supporters should know that there are many candidates seeking election who have an agenda that is contrary to your club’s best interests.

Last weekend we published our Guide to the Bayside Council elections which created an appreciative response from members seeking clarity on the positions of the candidates standing in their ward on 2 matters that are of vital importance to the well-being of our members and to the future of our club. The post also enabled the election candidates to clarify their position on their support for these 2 issues.

The issues are:

  1. That tree #43 be removed to enable the building of a new sports pavilion at Beaumaris Reserve to provide female-friendly change facilities

  2. That “passive recreation” (means the reduction or removal of organised community sport on Council Reserves) does not replace the existing leases BSC has in effect with Council for the use of Balcombe Park Reserve and Beaumaris Reserve for the purpose of training for and playing in organised football competitions.   

We understand that Councillors have difficult decisions to make in balancing different needs and interests. And because any candidate if elected to be a Councillor will have to make such decisions, we believe it entirely reasonable for all candidates across Bayside to be transparent with the electorate and explain their position on these 2 issues. Most candidates have done so, some have been silent (which is not an expression of support).

With that feedback in mind, your Club has prepared a How To Vote card for each of the Bayside wards and we ask our members to consider this information when you decide how to vote. Please ensure you put a number next to each candidate.


Cllr MARTIN voted for the new Pavilion to be built. Candidates VARSAMIS and KALIMNAKIS have declared that they support BSC on both these issues

Candidate MATTHEWS has declared he supports BSC’s interest

Candidates CARTWRIGHT, RANDLES and WILLIAMS have made it clear they DO NOT support BSC.


Cllr DEL PORTO voted for the new Pavilion to be built. Candidate KIMBER has declared her support of BSC on both issues.

Candidates Psonis, Goldberg, Joffe,Fonda,Toncich, Wolf, Kioussis, Mitchell, Mills, Tachos and Von Spell have been silent

Candidate GRECH does not support BSC


Candidates HARKIN and PACKER have declared their support for BSC

Candidate Russell has been silent

Candidate Norris DOES NOT support BSC. He voted against the pavilion refurbishment and for the removal of BSC kids from Balcombe Park as a previous councillor



Cllr GRINTER voted for the new pavilion to be built. Candidate WOOD Tim has declared in support of BSC on both issues

Cllr LONG DOES NOT support the pavilion being built an voted against it in August 2020.

Candidates Batt, Wood (A), Samuel-King, Ward, Rothfield, Batzidis, Howard have been silent


Cllr HEFFERNAN voted for the new pavilion. Candidates LURIE, FARRUGIA and GOLDSTADT have declared their support to BSC

Candidates Hoult, El Moullemi, Cullen, Fitzgerald, Merrick, Boyd and Saoud have been silent


Cllr EVANS voted for the new pavilion to be built.

Candidates Kaminsky, Brown and Knight have been silent

Candidates MAILLARD, RUBINOV and WILSON do not support BSC


Candidate JOHNSON does support BSC

Cllr CASTELLI DOES NOT support the pavilion and voted against it in August 2020. She has refused every opportunity to explain why.

Candidate DEKIERE does not support BSC

Candidates Fitzpatrick, Nair, Finn, Barber, Porteous and Langer have been silent

It’s your vote – make it count!

Go Beauy!

Joe Mottola

BSC President


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