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TEAM COACH: Peter Allison

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Golden Boot - Rob Spence

Golden Ball - Rob Spence

Golden Glove - Jim Tracey and Tony Ising

100 games - Sean Bryant



Beaumaris 3-5 Alphington 

A new, if somewhat older age, dawn broke over Beauy Reserve on Saturday when Beaumaris Over 55's gentlemens team got their inaugural season under way. This is the first year of a formal Over 55 mens competition and it was with some pride that the new group of players heard competition organiser and founder, Martin O Malley reflect on the major contribution Beauy had made in the development of both Over 45 and 55 competitions in Melbourne. 

The game was played in bright sunshine, with significant sunscreen being required for thinning hairlines on both sides. Literally, one woman and her dog were the initial crowd, but it steadily built during the afternoon to reach a peak of eleven, with Club VP, David Richards, and committee member Gert Gratz attending to see if they could make the squad in future games. Beauy under the stewardship of ex President of the club, Steve Stroud, made a blistering start with goals from O'Malley with a deft header, and two from Steve Jeffs, to be 3up with ten minutes till half time. Alphington were beginning to find their feet and played some nice football and a one on one with club stalwart, Jim Tracey in the Beauy goal, saw the deficit reduced to 3-1 at the break 

In the second half, the game turned and although Beauy had the occasional  breakaway chance it was played mainly in the Beauy half and although a valiant defensive effort, Alphington's greater skill and mobility in the latter stages saw Beauy lose by two goals. 
A 22 game season and normal 90 minute game time was a shock revelation to some of the squad, and there will be some sore bodies on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday! Great fun had by all I am sure and onwards to the next game at Juventus Old Boys ( yes really!) on Sunday 28 April................. we will be ready to go again by then. 

New players welcome, please contact Nick Runnals (0400 200 640) or Steve Stroud (0412 888 261) for information and see you at training on Wednesdays at 7 at the Club!!



Beaumaris 5-2 Juventus Old Boys 

After a defeat in their inaugural game, the Beauy O55 men returned to Reserve Road looking to make amends against old foes Juventus Old Boys. As the nets and corner flags were put out on a blustery autumn afternoon, there was much reminiscing about past battles against the men in the distinctive black and white stripes of Juve. Thirteen players were on the list  as reviewed by coach Steve Stroud, and a solid ( in all senses) team was confirmed as the starting line up with Serhat, Dave Fourna  on the pine. 

After a so called warm up, the cry went up as a black beamer filled with linen and cleaning equipment lumbered into the car park and almost got a spot next to the Maserati ! Who can that be? No.... surely not!..... It was, The Prez' was approaching with a kit bag in hand.  We wondered if he had bought smelly soaps and  air freshener, but no, he had boots and socks and even shin pads! After a brief stint in the changing room, JM approached his usual spot on the bench ready for ' the return'. 

The game started with Juve having changed into a garish hi-vis orange outfit, not befitting their elderly status, but  was played at electrifying pace, .......... only by Steve Jeffs who  ran around like it was 1999. It was clear that the Juve team were no different to the teams of the past with commentary in European languages of many sorts, being exchanged ..... most of it uncomplimentary between themselves! 

Beauy played beautifully, with the  Ray Wilkins clone, Steve Price passing sidewards  or backwards at every opportunity, and Jim Tracey in goal, largely untroubled. Two goals from the whippet, Jeffs and one from Martin O Malley gave Beauy a solid lead before the call was made for The Prez to return. He jogged onto the pitch and took up his customary role on the right wing....... as soon as he got the ball he  turned inside as is his custom also! No mistakes and lots of puffing and blowing, but he was back !! 

Half time with a three goal cushion and should be game over...... but this is a Beauy team! As it transpired, a further goal, one from Pricey with a forward shot into the corner meant there was little competition for the result, before the ref gave a pen with JM still on the pitch. The rowdy supporters harangued El Tel with pleas for JM to be given the ball, but as ever , professionalism won out and Randall stepped up. Shot straight at the keeper after what some described a s a stuttering run up, but those who know him well, confirmed was his normal running style. He slotted the rebound and Beauy 5-1 up. 

As with the U7's everyone went forward in the  last 10 and Juve got a breakaway goal, but the final whistle came and a great result.......... but the big news was .... He's Back !! 
Marc Gibson 



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