A history making year saw the Beaumaris SC Senior side compete at the highest level ever achieved by any club in Bayside – the heady heights of State league 1. Most of the previous seasons squad were retained & we were delighted to announce that former Socceroo & Melbourne Victory star Kristian Sarkies decided to make Beauy his home adding valuable experience to our squad & at the same time enrolling his two young kids joined the Goalkick program which he helped to run.

Our senior team performed very competitively finishing a solid mid table position 6th & from the outside there is no doubt we are regarded now as a very strong outfit, no longer the regular underdog. Internally the coaching staff of Marcus Stergiopoulos & David Gibson were somewhat disappointed, believing we should have finished much higher & as such it is pleasing to announce the reappointment of the entire senior coaching group for 2019 to continue the progress we have made in recent years.

Our Reserve team philosophy for many years has been the development of young players & on average in 2018 we fielded our youngest aged team ever, the average age being 18!.This group of young men were incredibly well led by Coach George Prasinos & finished 4th in a very high standard competition. The greatest complement to our strategy & the coaching group is that by the end of the season 4 players aged 18 who started the year in the Reserves were regular starters in our senior side. Youth development is alive & well at Beaumaris.

Our two Metropolitan Thirds teams have been great contributors to the club both in playing commitment & undertaking functions around the club – led for the last 10 years by Beaumaris stalwart Maxine Thompson. In 2018 the Metro 4 team finally achieved the success they deserved winning the league & gaining promotion to Metro League 3…..WELL DONE!

Our Masters Over 35 team led by Ian Lynch & Andy Hardy are the backbone of the club infrastructure & again this group proved this with its amazing commitment to activities in all areas off the pitch. Equally importantly they are a very strong group on field & yet again were successful in winning the League in 2018 – another huge WELL DONE!

In the same vein our Over 45 vets team led by Nick Runnals & Andy Jewell are ingrained in the Beauy culture – they had a fun year & will be back for more in 2018.

In summary, all elements of senior football have clear goals & priorities, in particular the need to ensure we act as one whole club not individual elements & with so much activity going on during the year we do a great job in this regard. Senior players attending the Sunday morning Goalkick program every week……our sub juniors & young players acting as team mascots to senior home games every week – our culture is strong & envied by many.

The new playing facilities at Beaumaris Secondary School in 2019 will be a massive boost for al age groups but particularly our senior teams who have a technical possession based style not always suited to the challenging surface at the Reserve. We have much to look forward to in 2019 & s always my thanks to the countless volunteers at our great club who assist every week to make things happen.




Womens Soccer Report – End of 2018 Season

After a difficult preseason which we need to learn from, the season started with 2 Junior teams and 3 Senior teams. For a club of Beaumaris’ size, stature and aspirations this isn’t where we want to be and we will focus on significant expansion of the female game in the coming seasons. In the 2019 season we will target junior teams at Under 16’s, Under 14’s, Under 12’s and Under 10’s plus continuing with the existing senior teams.

In terms of a season summary for each team, the Under 11’s were ably coached by State 3 Senior Women’s captain Yana Kyparisis and steadily improved as the season went on. Scores are not recorded at this level with the focus on development and enjoyment but after a slow start the team won a few games and enjoyed the year – being mascots for the Senior Women’s last home game of the season and a very vocal cheer squad for Yana!

The Under 14’s were coached by a combination of Danielle Tracey (State 3 Senior Women’s coach and State 4 Senior Women Player) and Peter Allison on those match days where Danielle had fixture clashes. This team spent all season at or near the top of the ladder before falling away in the final few games but finishing a very creditable 4th. Again, with a focus on development and enjoyment, the team improved during the season in terms of team structure and individual skills and if the final game of the season is anything to go by players and parents alike had a very enjoyable season. Special thanks to George who ably assisted Peter on match days.

This season was the inaugural season of a new Over 35’s womens team called the Beauey Bubbles. This is a group of mums who have children (and husbands) playing for Beaumaris and have mostly never played before. The focus is on learning, creating a social group who play small sided (7 a side) games and who celebrate every victory like winning a World Cup with champagne (hence the name). Despite numerous injuries throughout the season the group bonded tremendously and had a great time. They were coached on a rotating volunteer basis through the season with the likes of Vice President David Richards, Over 45’s organiser Nick Runnals, Treasurer Marc Gibson, Ex Committee member Matteo Zappala and towards the end of the season Tony Ising. Many thanks to all the volunteers for giving their time to a group very eager to learn!

The State 4 team was managed again this season by Mannie Linares. The focus on this group is to give an opportunity to junior players (under 16’s) to play at the senior level, develop aspiring players to move into our higher level team and in some cases give players new to football the opportunity to play in an extremely supportive environment. This season we had six players who were qualified to play Under 16’s who choose to play at the senior level. Of that six, three players went on the play for the State 3 team with distinction. In terms of results the team started well but faded after the schools winter break and ended up mid table which was not a faithful reflection of how well they can perform when the whole squad is available. We also had a number of long term injuries early in the season which meant we had a stretched squad for an extended period.

The State 3 squad was coached by Danielle Tracey for the first time and with a predominantly young squad were in the running for promotion until the penultimate game of the season. Despite falling just short of the mark, this group play football in the Beaumaris way. A lot of opposition teams play a physical and direct game but Beaumaris plays a passing game, uses the full width of the pitch and was to my mind the best footballing team in the division – an opinion that was echoed by several opposition coaches as the season went on. Like the State 4 squad, this team was very short on numbers through parts of the season so the acheivements are all the more impressive because of that.

Registrations in the senior squads we at record level with 34 State 3 and State 4 players onboarded. Of this group, 8 were new to the club and almost all commented on how well the senior squad works as a group. Many clubs who have more than one senior team keeps them completely separate from each other. We train our seniors together and encourage them all to bond as a single group which makes movement of players between teams much smoother. They also commented on what a welcoming a friendly group we have which is something we will look to maintain and foster. This season showed that 34 players, whilst a record high, is still not menought to run healthy numbers throughout the season. We will look to increase our numbers further next season and kick on to promotion for both senior teams.

Sponsorship was at record levels in 2018 for female football and I would like to thank all of our sponsors for the assistance that this provides. The sponsorship money was spent on track suits and spray jackets for all teams and an away kit for the senior state teams. Whilst it may seem like a relatively trivial thing, it has a massive effect on players, parents and opposition clubs. The players feel more valued which gives them more confidence. The parents see the club investing in their children and oppositon clubs see us as a club who are raising the standards for female football on and off the pitch.

The biggest issue faced by all Beaumaris teams this season was the state of our facilities. The pitches at Balcombe Park for Juniors and Beaumaris Reserve deteriorated rapidly due to the amount of training and games they had to accommodate – just as we had predicted and warned Bayside Council they would. Balcombe Park has no changing facilities and Beaumaris Reserve was built ina  time when sport was a predominantly male pastime. Our hope for the coming season is that the addition of the Beaumaris Secondary College artifical pitch (when ready) will provide a huge boost. For the first time in memory Beaumaris will have use of a facility that is fit for purpose for female players in terms of changing rooms as well as a state of the art pitch to train and play on. The impending replacement of the pavillion at Beaumaris Reserve will be a further leap forwards for accommodating both sexes and we look forwards to works starting on that very soon.

For season 2019 we will look to recruit players much earlier than previosuly, fill our missing teams and assign coaches to them as a matter of urgency. We will split the role of Director of Female Football into two streams: A senior focussed role which I will continue with (if re-elected) and a junior focussed role with the proposal that this be filled by Peter Allison. This should allow more focus on the junior area where we need to build out our presence to allow girls to start at the club in goalkick and flow seamlessly through the age groups into senior football without having to look elsewhere.

It is the intent of the committee and coaches to focus on female football and bring it up to the level of the male side of the club and beyond. This journey will take a while but is starts now.

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